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TECT has a number of different funding schemes to assist community organisations with their projects.  

We recommend you contact our office to discuss your project before completing the application form.  Please ensure applications are submitted at least 3 months prior to final date you require a decision. Our team are always happy to discuss your application with you and to offer guidance and advice. 

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Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny

Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny


Founded in 1807 by French woman Anne-Marie Javouhey, the Institution of Catholic Religous Sisters dedicate their lives to "doing a little good" in the places where they are missioned.  Today, they have around 3,000 members working in goups serving the Catholic Church whereever there is good to be done.

The Convent in Tauranga was built to house 14 Sisters who were teaching and running St Mary's Primary School.  Today, the four sisters that remain have offered the Convent to be used as a place for prayer and as a Spiritual refreshment and Retreat Centre.

TECT Funding enabled the renovation of the spaces including the accommodation, chapel, dining hall and seminar room.

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