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The one-off special consumer rebate is subject to final Trustee approval in May 2019.

TECT have an investment portfolio that includes a  shareholding in Trustpower, and because you buy your power from Trustpower and live in the qualifying area you become a consumer of TECT. TECT is a separate entity to Trustpower.

TECT has received a one-off special dividend from its Trustpower shareholding. The TECT Trustees have agreed to distribute this unexpected windfall to consumers via a special rebate and through grants to community groups. This is in addition to TECT's regular annual distribution. 

Qualifying Area - basically the territories of Tauranga City Council and WBOP District Council. (Formerly supplied electricity by Tauranga Electric Power Board or Tauranga Electricity Ltd).  Only parts of Waihi Beach are eligible - includes Bowentown end to 106 Seaforth Road (104 Seaforth Road is not included in the TECT area)

The one-off special consumer rebate is subject to final Trustee approval in May 2019.

To qualify for the special consumer rebate you must have had a Trustpower power account in the same name from 1 October 2018 and continuously until 31 March 2019, within the Tauranga City or Western Bay region.  Parts of Waihi Beach are excluded from the TECT District.  106 Seaforth Rd - Bowentown end is included in TECT's District. 104 Seaforth Rd - Waihi Beach is excluded.

Please note, if you have moved house during the qualifying period, you will need to have re-connected with Trustpower in your new property (within the TECT district), within 30 days, to still qualify for the TECT Rebate.


You would receive the proposed special rebate via your chosen payment preference in late July. See Q7 regarding rebate payment preference. 

You will receive a letter confirming the amount of your rebate and date it will be paid. Please note, if you have chosen to have you rebate credited to your Trustpower account, it may take up to 2 billing cycles to show in your account.

The special rebate will be $295 paid to each eligible consumer. 

Consumers had until the 21st June 2019 to make any change to their rebate payment preference for the special rebate in July. The portal is now closed and will re-open in August for consumers to make their selection for the November rebate. 


No. You would receive this rebate because you are a beneficiary of TECT.  See Question 1.

The proposed special rebate can be paid direct into eligible consumers' nominated bank accounts. Consumers will need to provide their bank account details via the Trustpower website.

If preferred, consumers can have their rebate credited to their Trustpower power account. This would be the default payment method if no bank details are provided.

Consumers also have the option to gift their rebate to the Acorn Foundation Vital Impact Fund. This fund invests donations, so that it continues growing over time. Interest earned from this investment is distributed each year to deserving community organisations, so it keeps giving to your community – forever.

The bank account details held for the TECT rebates are separate to Trustpower's billing systems. 

Trustpower holds the consumer information that can verify the Trustpower account holder. Trustpower also have the technical systems in place to keep consumers' information secure.

No, only Trustpower power customers living generally in the Tauranga/Western Bay region are eligible to receive the rebate.  Note TECT boundaries for Waihi Beach per Q2 above.

No.  To be eligible to receive the TECT special rebate in July you must have had active Trustpower power account in the same name from 1 October 2018 and continuously through until 31 March 2019. There are no part payments.

If you change the name on your power account during the qualifying period you are not eligible for a rebate.  Some exceptions apply, please contact our office on 07 578 5094.

Rebate eligibility is applied to each ICP (power supply) within the TECT district.  You will be able to match the ICP number on your payment remittance letter with the ICP number on your power bill.

The rebate is paid to the person or organisation named on the Trustpower account. This person(s) is liable to pay the bill and are therefore entitled to receive the rebate. 

No.  The rebates are all processed in one batch and it's not possible to seperate one out before this process occurs.

No. The rebate is being made from TECT’s capital and therefore is not taxable to you.  It should not be included in your tax return.


For FAQs related to the annual consumer rebate in November 2019, please click here

Phone TECT office on 07 578 5094
Email info@tect.org.nz

Visit  The Kollective, Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga South, Tauranga 3112

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