Following the Government’s 1993 restructuring of the New Zealand electricity sector, Trustpower Limited was formed and began developing a generation and retailing business. In 1999, further market reforms required the company to choose between generation/retailing and owning a distribution network. The decision was made to focus on generation/retailing and exit distribution.

The Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust (TECT) was established under a Trust Deed in 1993 to hold 87.5m shares in Trustpower. The Trust subsequently acquired additional shares bringing its total shareholding to approximately 103m shares.

In early 2015 the Trustees resolved to sell 20m of the Trust’s shares in Trustpower and invest the proceeds in a diversified portfolio with the aim of diversifying the asset base of the TECT Group. The sale of the shares yielded proceeds of approximately $155m.

In 2016, Trustpower underwent a demerger that created Tilt Renewables Limited. Existing Trustpower shareholders including TECT were issued one share in each of the new entities for each Trustpower share that they held.  In 2018, TECT liquidated its holding of Tilt Renewables shares, yielding net proceeds on the order of $190 million. These funds have been reinvested through the Diversified Portfolio.

Trustpower – the business

Trustpower is a publicly-owned company, listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). Trustpower are a generator of electricity, and a retailer of energy and telecommunication services.

Trustpower has around 315 million shares on issue on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), and have two cornerstone shareholders; Infratil Limited and TECT, plus over 12,000 small parcel shareholders. TECT is a 26.8% shareholding in Trustpower. Infratil Limited has been a cornerstone shareholder since Trustpower’s formation in 1994 and hold a controlling share of 51.%  

Trustpower generates a large amount of New Zealand’s electricity — powering numerous homes and businesses nationwide. Approximately 75-80% of the annual earnings come from the generation business.

Trustpowers' retail proposition is based on a multi product offering across electricity, gas and telecommunications. In 2018, Trustpower supplied around 270,000 electricity connections, 91,000 telecommunications connections, and 38,000 gas connections.. Trustpower’s customers represent homes and businesses from across New Zealand.



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