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Where Our Money Goes

Each year TECT Trustees set an Annual Distribution Plan for the following financial year (beginning 1st April).

The Draft Annual Distribution Plan was published for consumer feedback in March 2019, and after consideration of the feedback received, TECT Trustees have confirmed the plan. The plan outlines the intended allocation & eligibility for the TECT Rebates as well as the allocation for the TECT Grants Programme, including the individual fund allocations.

The confirmed Annual Distribution Plan for the year ending 31 March 2020 is:

Consumer Rebates $30,000,000
Iconic Projects Fund $  1,000,000
Catalyst for Change Fund $     770,000
Community Amenities Fund $  2,100,000
Community Events Fund $     800,000
Community Development Fund $  3,750,000
TOTAL $38,420,000

To view the Annual Distribution Plan 2019-20, click here.

To view the submissions, click here.  


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