Local funders TECT, Acorn Foundation, BayTrust and Tauranga City Council have announced a transition to phase two of their COVID-19 funding support, with an aim to help key Western Bay of Plenty community groups survive the medium-term impact of COVID-19 in mid-2020.

While the initial Rapid Response Fund launched by the funders in April provided emergency support, the WBOP COVID-19 Recovery Fund aided the recovery phase; enabling the longer-term rebuild of the community sector.

Purpose of the Fund

To support key WBOP NFPs and NGOs to survive the initial impact of COVID-19, to ensure continued service delivery, capability to deliver and ability to meet financial commitments. We believe this will aid the recovery phase to enable longer term rebuild of the community sector.

Outcomes Sought

  • Support increased costs including capacity/capability building (people and knowledge) to meet additional needs as a result of COVID-19.
  • Support new operating models, adaption of service delivery and use of technology to deliver services.
  • Support collaborative and innovative approaches to address the challenges arising from COVID-19.
  • Support income shortfalls over a 6-month period.
  • Support opportunities/initiatives that require more collaboration.
  • Continue to provide support as per the criteria of the Rapid Response Fund.

    Eligibility Criteria

    NFPs and NGOs in the Tauranga and Western BOP district were eligible to apply, and priority was given to organisations that provided services most likely to have a positive influence on longer term recovery such as:

    • Organisations providing immediate or essential services such as food banks, refuges, emergency housing.
    • Organisations providing services likely to prevent a need for escalation to immediate or essential support such as budgeting, alcohol & drug services, family violence prevention, housing advocacy.
    • Organisations providing a response to economic and social issues including community-led engagement programmes, inclusive opportunities, cultural opportunities, youth engagement programmes.
    • Low priority will be given to schools, the repayment of debt, sports groups, events and capital purchases.  Please contact Paula Hudson, Operations & Grants Manager for TECT to discuss suitability to apply to this fund. Contact details below.

    The fund will complement any government agency support being provided for COVID-19 responses, and is not for BAU operations. (These can continue to be made directly with individual funders).

    Applicants Needed to

    • Articulate the impact COVID-19 has had on their organisation (eg: increase in demand & decrease in revenue, increase in demand & no change to revenue, decrease in demand/ability to delivery & decrease in revenue).
    • Demonstrate the need for additional funding and clearly show relation to COVID-19 and the purpose and priorities of this fund.
    • Include budget for any additional costs.
    • Include 12-month forward looking budget and comparison to last 12 months actual income/expenditure.
    • Show other government agency support accessed or likely to be eligible to apply for.

    Retrospective Costs

    Funders may consider reimbursement of costs already expended where there is a clear relation to the purpose of this fund.

    Guidelines to Applicants

    Applications will be assessed on the following:

    • Alignment to the intent of, and to the outcomes being sought by this fund.
    • Generally, only applications of up to 10% of previous years’ costs, up to $50k will be considered, however staff can provide greater guidance on a case by case basis.  Groups can also apply to funders directly for business as usual funding.
    • Level and use of reserves.
    • Usual operating expenditure and efforts made to reduce costs.
    • Usual funding sources and income streams.
    • Anticipated reduction across all usual income streams.

    For enquiries about this fund please contact Paula Hudson, Operations & Grants Manager – TECT, on 578 5094 ext 3 or via email: paula@tect.org.nz

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