TECT is administered by six trustees, three of whom retire by rotation every two years.

Every two years, nominations are sought from eligible TECT beneficiaries for the election of three trustees to hold office for four years.  Retiring trustees can stand for re-election if they choose.  To stand for election candidates must be a Trustpower account holder basically in the Tauranga City or Western Bay of Plenty district.

The next election of trustees will be held in 2020.

The trustees, acting in accordance with the trust deed, are responsible for ensuring that the trust operates according to its key roles, meets all its regulatory and legal requirements, and ensure that TECT is properly governed.  To meet this obligation, trustees:

  • Act in good faith;
  • Act with honesty and integrity;
  • Exercise reasonable care, diligence and skill in their duties at all times; and
  • Lay aside all private and personal interests in the trust's decision-making.

Trustee Duties

  • Ensuring that the trust operates according to its key roles and meets all its regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Pro-actively monitoring the trust's investments.
  • Setting governance and distribution policies, including those relating to TECT’s Funding Schemes.
  • Representing TECT at public and community events/meetings.
  • Allocating and distributing to beneficiaries and community organisations its annual income.


  • Trustees meet monthly usually on the third Tuesday at TECT’s Office, The Kollective, 17th Avenue, Tauranga, with additional meetings as and when required. 

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