It is great to be elected onto the TECT board, and I’m looking forward to the next four years contributing to the Trust that has given so much to our region. After only one month being involved, I can already see the magnitude of what TECT does in our community. Its impact reaches far and wide into all of our lives, from the sports clubs we enjoy, and the cycle tracks we use, to the lifesaving facilities that ensure our safety and the events that keep us connected.

Now more than ever we see the value of these programmes, events and facilities. But just like so many in our region, these community groups are struggling. Whether facing increased demand post-lockdown, a decrease in funding, or a combination of both, these groups rely on the support of TECT and other local funders to survive. It has been fantastic to see the success of the joint COVID-19 funding response established by TECT, Acorn Foundation, BayTrust and Tauranga City Council. The Rapid Response and now Recovery funding has granted over $500,000 to community groups in the Western Bay. This collaborative response will be key to enabling the longer-term rebuild of our community sector.
I had the honour of attending the Te Puna Memorial Hall opening a couple of weeks ago. As our local hall, I was delighted to hear that TECT contributed $200,000 to the build. We have been without a hall for several years now. To see this vital community facility standing today, knowing TECT’s role in its completion makes me feel not only proud to be on the TECT board, but proud to be part of our community. Collectively, with the help of TECT and so many dedicated volunteers, we are building a region that is stronger, full of the facilities we need to stay connected, now and for generations to come.
TECT has a significant role to play in the recovery of our region, and its resilience going forward. I look forward to learning more about TECT and helping to ensure that the Trust can continue to support and transform the Western Bay of Plenty community for the better.

Peter Farmer
TECT Trustee


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