The announcement by Trustpower in January 2021 that it was selling its retail arm required TECT to restructure and amend its Consumer Trust Deed to reflect this significant change. The restructure of TECT was completed on 23 February 2022 and future-proofed the rebates for eligible Beneficiaries.  The rebates will be distributed by the TECT Consumer Trust until 2050, when the trust will wind up. 

Read more about the 2021 restructure of TECT here.

Our funding works to support the people, places and projects making a difference in our community here in the Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga.

We have a number of different funding schemes to assist community organisations with their initiatives. Check them out below.

Application Process

We recommend you contact our office to discuss your project before completing the application form. Please ensure applications are submitted at least 3 months prior to final date you require a decision. Our team are always happy to discuss your application with you and to offer guidance and advice.

The application & approval process takes 7 weeks from the cut-off date. As part of the assessment process, we may visit you to discuss your application in more detail.

Decisions on applications are made by trustees at their monthly meeting and we will advise you of the outcome soon after. Successful applicants receive a formal Funding Offer & Agreement. Payment of grants will be made once conditions in the agreement are met. Generally, organisations have 1 year to uplift the funds.

Community Facilities

Application cut off dates: 1 April, 1 September

Funding in this category is targeted towards the build of new facilities or the purchase/upgrade of an existing facility. The facility must have significant community benefit; providing places our community can enjoy spending time in the Western Bay. Examples include new buildings, halls, sports centres and playgrounds. Smaller applications may be considered out of round, please contact our office for details.

Community Development

Application cut off dates: 1st of every month

Funding in this category is targeted towards supporting community organisations and the work they do to enhance the lives of those in our community. Examples include equipment, operating costs, one-off project and technology purchases. A separate schools policy applies - please contact our office to find out more.

Community Events

Application cut off dates: 1st of every month

Funding in this category is targeted towards community events that are open to the public. Applications will be assessed on how they contribute to the community in terms of economic benefit, providing event variety and whether the event will be enjoyed by a significant number of those in our community.  

Iconic Projects

Application cut off dates: on application

This fund is targeted towards significant facilities that deliver inter-generational benefits to our community. Examples include: TECT All Terrain Park, TECT Arena, Baywave TECT Aquatic & Leisure Centre. 

Catalyst for Change

Application cut off dates: on application

This fund seeks to create positive change in our community through supporting innovative projects. We will undertake research to identify key issues facing our district and allocate funding to the improvement and development of these key areas.  It is envisioned that TECT will initiate these projects with community groups and will fund 2-3 key projects per year.


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