Our funding works to support the people, places and projects making a difference in our community here in the Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga.

We're on a mission to make a real difference in our community. We've developed a new strategy and funding framework that will guide our decision-making and fuel our actions. All funding applications, therefore, need to link to TECT's strategic plan and focus areas.

To be considered for funding, an organisation must be a Public Benefit Entity. Public Benefit Entities (PBEs) are reporting entities whose primary objective is to provide goods or services for community or social benefit and where any equity has been provided with a view to supporting that primary objective rather than for a financial return to equity holders. To learn more, read over our "Who Can Apply" page.

We have a number of different funding schemes to assist community organisations with their initiatives. Check them out below.

Application Process

We recommend you contact our office to discuss your project before completing the online application form. Please ensure applications are submitted at least 3 months prior to when you require a decision. Our team are always happy to discuss your application with you and to offer guidance and advice.

In order to simplify the application process and minimise the administrative burden on grant-seekers, TECT has moved to an online application service, powered by SmartyGrants. The SmartyGrants system allows you to easily complete and submit your funding application for the Community Development and Community Facilities funds online. Questions are tailored to the fund you are applying for, so you will only be prompted to fill out information that is absolutely necessary. The application doesn’t have to be completed all in one go; you are able to save a draft and come back to it later.

The application and approval process takes 7 weeks from the cut-off date. As part of the assessment process, we may visit you to discuss your application in more detail.

Decisions on applications are made by trustees at their monthly meeting and we will advise you of the outcome soon after. Successful applicants receive a formal Funding Offer & Agreement. Payment of grants will be made once conditions in the agreement are met. Generally, organisations have 1 year to uplift the funds.

Community Facilities

Application closing date is 1 April or 1 September

The Community Facilities Fund supports the development of facilities in the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty region that provide benefits for current and future generations. Funding will generally be directed towards the build of a permanent new facility or a significant upgrade of an existing facility. It may also include the purchase of an existing facility.

Examples include new buildings, halls, sports centres and playgrounds. Smaller applications may be considered out of round, and please contact our office for details.

Community Development

Application closing date is the 1st of every month

There is a monthly funding round every month, except for January.

The Community Development Fund supports projects and initiatives that contribute to Tauranga and Western Bay to be a vibrant region where people, families and communities thrive. To support this, we will fund organisations that make a positive impact on our local communities across a range of sectors, including arts, culture and heritage, education, environment, health and social services, youth development, iwi and marae, and sport and recreation.

Examples include programme & operating costs, one-off projects and small asset purchases e.g vehicle.

Community Events

The Community Events Fund aims to support community events held in the Tauranga or Western Bay of Plenty region that provide social and economic benefits to the community. TECT wishes to support a wide and varied portfolio of events and encourage event organisers to achieve and maintain events of exceptional quality.

Small to medium community-led events must apply for funding via the Tauranga Western Bay Community Event Fund. This fund is a collaboration between Acorn Foundation, BayTrust, Tauranga City Council, TECT and Western Bay of Plenty District Council to provide a streamlined approach to the support of community events taking place in the region. The fund provides financial support to events that are community-led and enrich our communities. Applications are considered on a bi-monthly basis. Learn more and apply HERE.

Applications for large events, such as City Flagship Events and new events of national or international significance, will still be submitted directly to TECT on a monthly basis. Please contact our office for further clarification.

Facilities of Regional Significance

Application is by invite only

TECT is interested in being a pro-active, collaborator in funding significant projects which will create a direct positive impact on the economic and social wellbeing of Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty region. Projects may be significant in size/nature and will likely have intergenerational benefit, wide impact through improving social cohesion, enhancing community participating or are regional significance.

Examples include: TECT All Terrain Park, TECT Arena, Baywave TECT Aquatic & Leisure Centre. 

Catalyst for Change

Application is by invite only

The intention of the Catalyst for Change Fund is to create significant positive change through supporting innovative projects and practices. The need in the community will be identified through community consultation and research (e.g. Vital Signs). A key aspect of this Fund is that TECT will be committed to continually building relationships with other key stakeholders (including other funders).

Initiatives funded are likely to be to multi-year funding, including support for organisational development, leadership development, evaluation and sustainability.


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