The team at TECT manage the day to day operations of the trust including the investments, annual rebate distribution, community grants scheme, collaborating with other local funders and community organisations, and working on projects for the trust.

Wayne Werder

Chief Executive

Wayne manages the operations, investments and programmes of the trust on behalf of the trustees. Wayne has a strong background managing community and not-for-profit organisations and has a Masters in Management studies from the University of Waikato.  

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Paula Hudson

Community Impact Manager

Paula leads the delivery of TECT’s grants strategy with a focus on proactive and strategic granting. She provides support to the team of Grant Administrators and Advisors who work with community organisations on their funding needs.

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Tricia Hudson

Finance and Investments Manager 

Tricia manages TECT’s accounting and finance functions and is responsible for the administration of TECT’s investments to ensure that they are in line with the trust’s objectives and principles. She is a Chartered Accountant member of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand.

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Tane Phillips

Funding and Systems Administrator

Tane’s role involves processing funding applications. He is a systems-whiz, who maintains TECT's data management systems to ensure they are running smoothly.

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Neda Espie

Grants Advisor

Neda’s key role is to provide advice and support to community organisations seeking funding from TECT, focusing on our Responsive Grant Funds. With a background in not-for-profit organisations, Neda is motivated by forming connections with members of the community.

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Grants & Event Fund Advisor

This role is to provide advice and support to community organisations seeking funding from TECT’s Responsive Grant Funds. They also coordinate the application and panel assessment process for the Tauranga Western Bay Community Events Fund on behalf of the fund partners. 

Jody Robertson

Accounts Administrator

Jody is our accounts administrator and office all-rounder. She looks after accounts payable, ensures that grant payments to our community organisations are processed on a timely basis, and is always helping out around the office in any way she can.

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Georgia Frame

Communications Coordinator

Georgia's role is to manage the communication activities of TECT. She ensures the community is well-informed about the inspiring work and achievements of community groups across our region.

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