Who We Are

As a community-focused trust, we provide support for local initiatives, facilities and events that bring vibrancy, connectedness, growth and economic benefits to the region. Our transformational funding process brings life to grassroots organisations and large-scale multi-million-dollar projects alike.

It was twenty-five years ago that the sale of a power company sparked the formation of TECT. Today there would be few people in our region who haven’t been positively impacted by the funding decisions of the trust.

We support innovation in our community so that together we build a region that is the envy of all others. Now at approximately $1 billion, the TECT fund is one of the largest in the country, significantly contributing to the creation of a region from which, not only current residents will benefit, but future generations. This is something of which we can all feel proud because we all make this happen through our collective support of TECT’s community distributions.

The Western Bay’s growing needs in terms of infrastructure, both physically and socially, are only going to increase, which is where TECT plays an increasingly critical role.


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