Te Manawataki o Te Papa Funding

TECT approves largest-ever funding investment, approving $21 million for Tauranga’s new civic precinct

TECT has confirmed its largest-ever funding investment towards a project of regional significance, approving a $21 million grant for Tauranga city centre’s new civic precinct.

 The future civic precinct, Te Manawataki o Te Papa, will include a library and community hub, civic whare (public meeting house), museum and exhibition gallery.

 TECT’s funding is specifically allocated to support the development of the museum and exhibition gallery, adding significant cultural, educational and economic value to the city.

 Earlier this year, TECT asked people living in the Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council regions for their thoughts on their draft strategy and proposed funding plan, including providing funding towards the civic precinct.

 The community feedback signalled strong support for funding strategic initiatives, including almost 70 per cent in support of TECT making a contribution to the civic precinct development. 

 Having considered this feedback, TECT Trustees approved in principle funding of $21 million to be made available to support Te Manawataki o Te Papa – subject to a funding agreement.

 TECT Chairman Bill Holland congratulates Tauranga City Council for the huge amount of work and vision involved in creating this community space and says the Trust is looking forward to working closely with Tauranga City Council and the Te Manawataki o Te Papa Limited Board to progress the development.

 “As a community-focused trust, TECT aims to support initiatives that contribute to our region’s vibrancy, connectedness, growth and economic success. Te Manawataki o Te Papa certainly ticks all of the boxes,” says Bill.

 “This is one of the most exciting and significant projects the people of Tauranga will see come to fruition in their lifetime.

 “We’re excited to see the transformational impact this project will have on our city and are committed to working with Council to ensure the best outcomes for our city.”

 Council Commission Chair Anne Tolley says TECT’s funding commitment to Te Manawataki o Te Papa is hugely important for the project and the people of Tauranga.

 “We are extremely grateful to be receiving a grant of this magnitude from such an important community funding organisation in the Western Bay,” says Anne.

 “This financial contribution is a huge step towards realising our funding goals. The resounding support TECT received about Te Manawataki o Te Papa reinforces the message we’ve also heard from people right across the region – that they want to see this project brought to life, so generations today and in the future can enjoy and benefit from what is set to become an incredible community space.”

The news comes as Tauranga City Council’s Commissioners are set to make key decisions about the future of the civic precinct at a Council meeting on Monday, 24 July.

Subject to those decisions, construction of the civic precinct could kick-off early next year, with the library and community hub the first building to be developed. The full programme of work is currently set to be completed by the end of 2028.


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