Community Hub Proposed for Historic Village

Artist impression of The Kollective building

TECT is proposing to build a community hub at the Tauranga Historic Village.

The concept involves housing community organisations in a centralised fit-for-purpose administration facility.  TECT proposes to purchase land within the Village grounds from Council on which to erect the building, and partly develop some adjoining green space for communal Village use.  The intention is for the community hub to be managed by a separate trust.

TECT General Manager Wayne Werder said the trust had been working on the concept of a community hub for some time.  “We have had strong feedback from community groups that they would see value in a hub,” Mr Werder said. 

“As part of our planning, we have investigated a number of potential sites. The Historic Village is one of these and we are particularly interested in the potential for synergies with the wider Historic Village site. In many ways the Village is a natural fit for this initiative. 

“TECT wants to create an environment that increases the capability and effectiveness of community organisations through better collaboration, communication and sharing of best practice.”

The hub would provide flexible spaces suitable for the organisations it houses, support from wrap-around services such as business advice and marketing, and opportunities for community organisations to collaborate with others.

Mayor Stuart Crosby is very supportive of the proposal. “The Historic Village is home to a diverse range of community and commercial entities.  “It is a unique multi-dimensional location that fulfils an important role in Tauranga. If the proposal goes ahead at the Village it would complement existing Village community facilities and activities.  

“Regardless of where it was located, the community hub would contribute so much to the wider community.  “It would provide an opportunity to foster and help develop smaller organisations, supporting and facilitating their sustainability.”

The report on the community hub will be considered by Council on Wednesday, 25 November.
The community will have the opportunity to provide feedback before a final decision is made early next year.


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