Tauranga Art Gallery

Two girls hold up colourful painting they have created

Each year over 11,000 school children visit the Tauranga Art Gallery Toi Tauranga as part of the public art programme supported by TECT.

During their visit, the children spend time in an exhibition with a trained educator that then inspires them to create their own artwork in The Gallery’s education classroom.

Sparking Interest and Innovation Through Art

‘The arts’ is one of the eight key learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. The art programme delivered by The Gallery supports the curriculum by growing a student’s innovative mind; to apply critical, creative, and reflective thinking to all aspect of their learning.

“Visiting the Gallery can be the catalyst for a life-long engagement with the arts.” says Tauranga Art Gallery Education Manager, Mel McDonald.

Transporting these children to The Gallery is the all-important complementary ArtBus, which is funded by generous supporters such as TECT; ensuring no-barrier access for all schools to the art education programme.

“48% of schools in the Tauranga & Western Bay of Plenty region are decile 5 or under, so without the ArtBus many would not experience what is often their first encounter with an art gallery or museum” says McDonald.

Children step off bus to visit Tauranga Art Gallery

Making a Difference in Children’s Lives

The Tauranga Art Gallery has experienced growth in the youth audience over the last couple of years. This increase has been credited to local school children’s increased familiarity with The Gallery and the important role that visual culture plays in their every-day world.

TECT General Manager Wayne Werder says the trust has been a long-time supporter of the Tauranga Art Gallery and is proud to help connect young people with arts and culture.

“It’s fantastic to see youth get involved and tap into their creativity at The Gallery; it’s great not only for building confidence, but also creates opportunities for future employment in fields they are passionate about.

“The Tauranga Art Gallery also run a range of other community programmes such as drop-in art sessions, panel discussions, and adult workshops. We’re proud to support these initiatives—they help keep our community vibrant and engaged.”

To learn more about the full range of community programmes at Tauranga Art Gallery, visit https://www.artgallery.org.nz.


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