Community Conservation Boosted Thanks to TECT Support

Hands holding Kiwi bird

Penguins, kiwi’s, forests, weta’s and frogs are just some of the beneficiaries of a fantastic boost to community conservation, thanks to TECT.

TECT have just approved a funding application to the collective sum of $300,000 over two years, across eight community conservation groups.

“We’re delighted to see how much Bay Conservation Alliance (BCA) have grown in the year since their launch and are happy to announce we have just approved a new collaborative funding application which BCA played a critical role in facilitating” said Wayne Werder, General Manager TECT.

BCA supports community-led environmental restoration and nature conservation in the Bay of Plenty. BCA has grown from having six community conservation member groups when they officially launched last year, to now having eleven member groups. A big focus of BCA’s role is to reduce the administration load on groups, by supporting tasks like financial management, volunteers, marketing, fundraising and nature education along with working towards larger landscape projects.

“We are thrilled to have been provided the opportunity to coordinate a combined funding application to support the work of seven member groups” said Michelle Elborn, CEO of BCA. “This is a perfect example of collaboration and reduced administration time for both member groups and TECT as a funder.”

TECT have also provided two-year funding which provides some certainty for member groups as they plan the needs of their individual conservation projects. “A very big thank you to TECT from BCA and all our members” said Michelle.

The funds will support things like monitoring and microchip equipment to aid Western Bay Wildlife Trust’s work to support Little Blue Penguin populations, trapping costs for several forest restoration groups, catchment management work and funds to support BCA’s ongoing support role.

“This application pulled together the various needs of individual groups and is a fantastic demonstration of leadership that Bay Conversation Alliance are now providing for the sector. 

"Having a leadership body like Bay Conservation Alliance working with its member groups to facilitate funding towards all their individual initiatives is terrific and provides another level of confidence for TECT that our funds will be well used and get to where they are most needed. This is a great way for us to provide targeted funding through one channel and is definitely cause for celebration during Conservation Week” said Wayne Werder.


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