Te Puke Cricket Club

Established in 1886, the Te Puke Cricket Club has a long history in our region.

As one of the most highly regarded and well-utilised cricketing venues in the Bay of Plenty, the Club caters for players young and old at all levels of play, with junior teams, a premier team, a senior reserve team and 16 social teams.

The Club recently completed refurbishments on their pavilion at Te Puke Domain.

The work included rebuilding the deck, adding some tiered grandstand seating, extending the club rooms, increasing storage space, creating a first aid station, and adding an umpires’ room.

While the upgrades have improved the functionality of the building, they also brought with it added security.

The Club experienced a number of break-ins prior to the renovations, with vandals causing extensive damage to the changing rooms and stealing the Club’s tractor.

The new design of the building has removed a small hidden alley way downstairs where people could loiter, and also included sensor lights. There are also plans for the council to install a security camera.

Stephen Crossnan, Te Puke Cricket Club president and captain, says they have received a lot of positive feedback about the pavilion.

“People are loving how it looks and are impressed with all the work that’s gone on – they’re just really happy for the community to have such an asset. It’s not just used for cricket, but also by the high school as an extra classroom. It’s also a fantastic space for people to come and watch some games.

“It started with us having to fix the deck as it was in disrepair, but we dreamed big and decided to get all the other refurbishments done while we were at it – it’s made the pavilion safer, more secure, and more practical. It’s really future-proofed the Club.”

“It’s a pretty big part of the community. Anything that’s over 100 years old in New Zealand is pretty good, let alone a sporting club. So we’re proud to be able to offer an even better space for our 250 members and for the wider community to use.”

It would have been a tremendous cost for the Club, but with the help of TECT funding, the project could be completed

TECT approved a grant of $50,000 for the upgrades back in 2018. But after discovering the soil conditions underneath the original concrete pad were unable to take the load of the new deck, the Club faced an incomplete project and additional ground works costing $19,285.

TECT stepped up to help the Club cover these additional unexpected costs with a second grant.

Stephen says without TECT’s support, the upgrades would never have happened.

“Once we started the project we had a lot of issues. First the ground was too soft, so we had to dig it all out and repack it. Then we found some of the existing walls had no concrete in them so the extensions couldn’t be completed – so we had to fill those walls with concrete.

“The project ended up being about $50 to $60K over budget – but we managed to get there thanks to TECT. It was a big community effort and we are so thankful to TECT for being a part of that.”

TECT Deputy Chairperson Natalie Bridges says the Club plays an important part in the community.

“The Te Puke Cricket Club has some of the best grounds in the Bay of Plenty, with people travelling from across the region to enjoy a game.

“The upgrades to the pavilion have not only improved the safety of the building, but the user experience – it’s somewhere people want to go, whether they are playing or spectating. We’re so pleased we could help them take the pavilion to that next level. It is sure to open up opportunities for the Club to host Bay of Plenty cricket games and encourage more people to play.”


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