Starting a new decade naturally encourages us to pause for reflection.  

I was elected to TECT 18-months ago, after looking for ways to give back to the community who generously helped me and my family following a serious head-on collision in 2017.  This life-altering experience made me deeply grateful for the significant funding TECT provides to St John and the TECT Rescue Helicopter, impacting how every one of us receives emergency healthcare.  Serving as a Trustee has since opened my eyes to the much larger community impact of TECT, inspiring me to join three additional not-for-profit boards.

Having worked over the past decade in research, technology and innovation for horticulture, I am impressed by how TECT supports the local talent pipeline through engagement and capability development.  As a mother of four, I also consider the new opportunities this creates for our next generation.  From Tauranga STEM Festival and Groundswell Festival of Innovation, to Youth Search & Rescue, House of Science, and the new Tauranga Tertiary Campus; TECT is truly helping pave the way for our future changemakers, sparking curiosity and encouraging innovative thinking. 
TECT’s forward-thinking has also created key infrastructure value that benefits our community and the economy.  While we enjoy the rest of summer, take a moment to notice how TECT funding impacts you and your family personally; whether it’s the Surf Lifesaving Clubs looking out for our safety at the beach, a day out at TECT All Terrain Park exploring nature and getting active, or a riveting game of cricket at Bay Oval, TECT is here, there, everywhere—at the heart of our community in the Western Bay of Plenty.
It is an absolute privilege to serve our community through TECT. 
Kind regards,
Tina Jennen
TECT Trustee


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