We are so lucky to have the TECT fund in our community and are much richer for it. Now with an asset base of $1 billion and with an average $9 million per year distributed to local organisations, amenity projects and events, we are richer in all senses of the word. Rich in experiences, rich in facilities, rich in opportunities, and literally richer. The fund significantly contributes to the creation of a city from which, not only current residents will benefit, but future generations. That is something we can all feel extremely proud about because we all make this happen through our collective support of TECT’s community distributions.

I attended a sporting event recently for primary school-aged children, held at Baypark. The organiser thanked TECT for the funds it received and said that categorically, there is no way the event could have come to Tauranga for our children had TECT not provided the funding for it.  To stand on the stage and have the privilege of seeing hundreds of beaming faces, bopping to the celebratory beats that signalled the end of the event was priceless and made me realise, with renewed enthusiasm, that TECT’s place in this city is critical.

I often think of Western Bay’s map and all the potential black holes that might exist without TECT’s backing: St John’s new facility, the Omokoroa cycleway, Bay Oval, the University of Waikato campus. The list is long and illustrious. Equally the funding of small, grassroots organisations that would otherwise miss out, receive from TECT what I see as a covering and protection; these are the organisations that bring connectedness to us all, from the local bowling club, to the local community hall. We all need to be clearly aware of what TECT is doing so we can appreciate its transformational impact, its day-to-day touch points in our lives, and the need for its preservation. Tauranga’s growing needs in terms of infrastructure, both physically and socially are only going to increase.

This is my fourth year on the TECT board - a time which has been an absolute privilege. I am repeatedly humbled by those with whom we come into contact through TECT – the incredible people who volunteer, the people with ideas, and the people driving projects and events for Tauranga’s growth. We have so much talent and potential on our doorstep and TECT relies on those changemakers to bring their vision to the table.  

We are opening up the communications channels at TECT too, with increased posting to social media on Facebook and Instagram, so please do follow us. These are also places you can ask questions and let us know what you’d like to see from TECT.

So welcome, to this, the first in our new-look newsletter. Each issue, a different trustee will write a personal ‘editor’s letter’ such as this one. Enjoy and let us know your feedback.

Natalie Bridges
Deputy Chairperson TECT


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