TECT’s first impact investment, The Kollective turns five this month

One of TECT’s ways of working is through collaboration, believing it is important to work with people with strong community connections and understanding. Working together to bring about sustainable and equitable change in the region.

The Kollective is New Zealand’s largest co-working space dedicated to the success of not-for-profits, social enterprise, and charitable organisations. It’s an award-winning building next to the Historic Village on Ngāi Tamarawaho whenua.

TECT developed the idea in 2014 based on strong feedback from community groups, who saw value in a co-working facility and a space where organisations could thrive by sharing knowledge and collaboration, dividing costs, and multiplying the benefits.

Located in Tauranga’s Seventeenth Avenue, this month, The Kollective has celebrated five years of bringing together not-for-profit organisations.

TECT initially investigated the feasibility of a community hub and found that co-working spaces provide potential cost savings and, more importantly, a valuable social impact. A space where people can draw inspiration and knowledge from those working in close proximity within the same sector.

With input from SociaLink, who now manages the building, TECT planned a space to unite passionate people with common desires to create a better community. The Kollective was designed to be modern, vibrant, environmentally sustainable, technologically forward, and responsive to the needs of community organisations.

The Kollective became TECT’s first impact investment in the Trust’s portfolio. Impact investing refers to investments intended to generate a positive social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. The Kollective has achieved this since its opening to the community on October 15, 2018 and has been a work-home for a broad range of individuals, small groups and larger organisations making a positive impact in the community.  

TECT Chief Executive Wayne Werder says investing in The Kollective facility allowed TECT to lead the way in encouraging collaborative practice amongst community organisations.

“We worked with SociaLink who were appointed to manage The Kollective in 2017, as they offered advice from the perspective of the social sector which helped with the construction and operations of the space. In turn, making them the logical entity to take on the management role.”

The Kollective is currently homed to TECT, SociaLink, Acorn Foundation, Creative Bay of Plenty, William Buck, Kānuka Wellbeing and Leadership, Stroke NZ, Deaf Aotearoa, Recreate, Drake Medox, and Community Living, and are among the current membership of 300.

The building itself was built for the future, with well equipped work spaces, adjustable meeting rooms and event spaces, sustainably driven and stunning architecture to ensure it visually suited it’s location and the landscape around it with the neighbouring Historic Village and green space.

“We designed the building to be multi-tenanted, where we have the ability to house 30-40 community organisations (up to 132 people),” says Werder, “We ensured to include numerous workspace options that are both functional and stylish, including open plan offices, social hubs, meeting rooms and quiet areas; creating flexibility to suit each organisation’s needs and providing ease of collaboration.”

Each month The Kollective team put on a range of social and informative events to ensure members and wider community groups utilise The Kollective not just as a space to get work done, but to learn, grow and engage.

The Kollective Manager Caitriona Anderson says across the five year’s The Kollective has adapted and grown to meet evolving needs.

“We all work differently now, some with flexible work hours, more Zoom and Teams meetings, and wellbeing and connection more front of mind than before the pandemic,” says Anderson, “ We’ve added some swanky phone booths for confidential calls, beefed up our tech capability, and focused on nurturing or fun events to lift spirits and foster connection.”

The Kollective is not stifled by any rigid structure, and the combination of bright furnishings, events, games and open plan space provides a truly vibrant work environment where everyone pitches in to make TK work.

Members commit to TK’s values of generosity and support, integrity and fairness, inclusiveness, diversity, participation and engagement. The Kollective is a great asset for not-for-profit organisations and the aim is to continuously improve over the next five years.


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