Over $57K donated through TECT rebates

TECT beneficiaries have given back over $57,000 to our community since July 2019 by donating their TECT rebate to the Acorn Foundation Vital Impact Fund.

The fund invests donations, and interest earned from this investment is distributed each year to deserving Western Bay community organisations - so donations can keep growing and giving forever.

Community groups supported by the fund this year include Sustainability Options, Grief Support Services, KidsCan Charitable Trust and St Peter's House.

Acorn Foundation General Manager Lori Luke says the generosity shown by TECT beneficiaries will have a long-lasting impact in the community.

“The Acorn Foundation is so appreciative of this partnership with TECT that provides a means for generous people to contribute TECT rebates to the Vital Impact Fund.

“Acorn’s distributions to the community increased by more than 50% this year, all thanks to donors who support our region in all sorts of ways, including gifts in a Will, living giving, trust resettlements, Giving Circles, and workplace and corporate giving. Distributions to charitable organisations from the Vital Impact Fund increased more than 4-fold over last year, due in large part to the gifts from TECT beneficiaries.”

Janet Baird is the Service Manager and Senior Counsellor at Grief Support Services, and says the donations from TECT beneficiaries have gone a long way to supporting their work.

“We absolutely value the donations from TECT beneficiaries and Acorn as it contributes towards our support of vulnerable individuals, families and whanau within our community – helping them to manage the turmoil of grief and loss, adjust to huge changes and attain their aspirations for their quality of life.”

Jo Wills from Sustainability Options says the funding has allowed them to extend their capacity.

"Receiving funding from the Acorn Vital Impact Fund means we can extend our capacity further for community workshops focused on healthy housing behaviours and DIY opportunities.

“The workshops are so impactful to the confidence of people being able to address some of the contributors to cold, damp, resource hungry housing. Participants have told us they are 'game changing' and that they 'learn skills for life'.”

The option to donate the TECT rebate to the Acorn Foundation Vital Impact Fund was introduced last year. Other payment options include having the rebate paid directly into a bank account or credited to the Trustpower power account.

With the next TECT rebate due in early December, beneficiaries have until Tuesday 27 October to make their selection if they have not already done so.

TECT beneficiaries can select their preferred rebate payment option by logging into their MyAccount at www.trustpower.co.nz/tect.

Lori encourages anyone who is in a position to consider putting their TECT rebate to work in our community to make their selection before the cut-off date.

“We are very aware that many families in our community are struggling, and the rebate payment before Christmas will be very welcome. There are other families and businesses in the Western Bay who may be in a position to gift their rebate to the Vital Impact Fund, and we would welcome their support to contribute to this fund that provides funding for organisations working in the areas of greatest need in our region.”

“Rebate donations to Acorn also qualify for a 33.3% tax credit, so generous TECT beneficiaries can get back when they give back to our region.”

For more information on the Acorn Vital Impact Fund, visit www.acornfoundation.org.nz/ways-to-give/donate-now-acorn-vital-impact-fund.


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