TECT consultation reaches half-way point

TECT beneficiaries have two more weeks to submit their feedback on proposed changes to the structure of TECT, in response to the potential sale of Trustpower’s Retail Business.

TECT General Manager Wayne Werder says three Consumer Information Sessions were held last week for Trustees to provide an outline of the proposal and hear feedback directly from beneficiaries.

“Thank you to everyone who attended one of these sessions, and those who have submitted feedback via post or online over the last few weeks.

“Overall, we’ve been really pleased with the feedback so far and the level of engagement on the proposed changes to future-proof the trust and protect the rebate.

“We have updated the FAQs on our website with questions raised at the consumer sessions.

“Trustees have been reviewing feedback as it is received and will continue to do so for the remainder of the consultation period.

“There are two more weeks of the consultation left, so if you wish to provide us with any feedback, please do so before 4pm on Monday 22 March.”

All TECT beneficiaries are invited to submit their feedback before 4pm, Monday 22nd March.

Want more information and to have your say?

TECT Beneficiaries are invited to make submissions on the proposal.

Visit www.tect.org.nz for more information on the proposed changes, including the formal notice of proposal and how TECT beneficiaries can submit their feedback.

Submissions on this proposal will close at 4pm on Monday 22 March.

FAQs on the proposal can be viewed here.


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